How to Identify Genuine Affordable Auto Spare Parts

Original Equipment (OE) also known as genuine spare parts is a kind of new spare parts that came with your car when it was manufactured. These auto spare parts are the safest choice most of the time since they are produced for a specific car segment and come with an adequate warranty from the manufacturer. However, a major drawback of the original spare parts is that they tend to be more expensive.

How to Determine Fake Spare Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and used auto spare parts suppliers provide spare parts for vehicles. These spare parts possess all the safety standards and quality measures in the automotive industry. However, the fake parts sometimes confuse people as they also look similar to the genuine parts. Nevertheless, the biggest difference between these two is that the materials used to make fake products are so cheap. Since most of these auto spare parts are cheaper than the original, they do not fulfil the safety standards established by the industry, and this puts your vehicle in danger.


When you buy your car parts from auto spare parts online UAE, you need to check the package quality. The fake products mostly come in cheap and flimsy packaging whereas the real auto spare parts suppliers in UAE generally pack their products in high-quality packages and ship them carefully. Compare the package quality and look for small details like the box materials, thickness, etc to determine if it is fake.  

Serial Numbers or Holograms

All components manufactured by OEM come with specific serial numbers. Plus, they have holograms that can be utilised to track the company that made them. Most OEM serial numbers are printed on the box or within the spare parts. While the numbers on a fake may be seen on the sticker.

QR Codes

When you buy new car parts online, most spare parts are delivered to you with a QR code that can be scanned with electronic devices to ensure they are real. The original product contains a QR code which allows the users to keep track of the product.


High-value OEM or OES parts in Dubai come with RFID tags, which allow the manufacturer to track them. So, RFID tags are very helpful and the makers can check whether the parts reached the customers are real.

Lower Prices

Genuine auto spare parts online UAE are comparatively more expensive than used ones, so, if you buy a new product from auto spare parts suppliers you need to check the price. Spare parts at a low price can be fake. Also, most real auto spare parts come with a warranty, so you need to check thoroughly on your spare parts for their warranty coverage.

Work with Trusted Ones

You can get auto spare parts from both online and offline stores; however, it is essential to buy products from a well-established auto spare parts supplier UAE like YSR Auto Parts. We have a good name to protect and ensure that all our products are genuine. You can check our services online and fix your car with the best quality products in Dubai.

In conclusion, we understand that it is not always easy to find a genuine replacement component from a counterfeit one, since they are made to look identical to the original one. However, our car accessories Dubai online and auto spare parts online UAE are carefully stocked after undergoing rigorous tests. Ensure your car’s safety without genuine automotive spare parts. Contact us today.